What is REE Service ?

REE SERVICE. is an online platform which empowers an investor to invest an amount in the chosen listed properties at predefined cycles. By taking the REE SIP route to investments, the investor invests in a time-period manner without thinking about the real estate market's dynamics and gets maximum long-term benefits from exacerbating ability and estimated pricing.
REE SIP Trading is a fully computerised, digital screen-based online trading portal system to offer additional investors with a quick and easy place to invest or trade their funds on property units. The REE Trading Market is India’s first, largest, prominent and fantastic online property unit exchange system facilitating investors to bid or allocate their money in units of properties.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction so that you can help manage every aspect of your trade if you want to buy, sell or rent a property. We are offering you the world where everything is yours. There really is no interference among sellers and buyers by any third party.

Our Vision

REE Service can use Portal to reduce the difference between seller and buyer. Connect with any person that belongs to the property development or real estate sector such as consultants, colonizers, builders or end-users.