REE India presents India’s first online bidding portal in the rapidly growing real estate industry. There are over millions of real estate experts operating & offering REE India portal from various locations. Billions of people across the country and the world will have the privilege of selling, buying, renting, exchanging and bidding (auctions) their prime and useful properties through our online bidding portal at a nominal price.
Real Estate Exchange helps you to connect dealers, buyers and sellers of real estate and offers amazing search results to make it easier for you to decide whether to rent or buy properties.

Why Choose a Real Estate Exchange than Stock Market?

Enables you to begin investing with as few as Rs. 5000/- only.

Nurtures the sparing and spending discipline periodically.

There is no need to keep an eye on the market continuously.

Investing at various levels of the market to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing per unit.

Compounding strength allows money to rise at a higher rate.

It enables you to begin investing with recommended capital of Rs. 50000/- only.

You have to keep an eye on the market continuously.

You should have to be updated on important fundamental news & information.

Stock markets are subject to higher risk, if a companyfacing financial difficulties then the stock prices can decline continuously.

The stock markets are not doing well, it is extremely difficult to rule out the chances of losing your capital.